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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I change my mind after signing up? 

That's perfectly fine. We only want your commitment in wanting this to work out for you as much as we do. We are a small team, analysing your profiles and matching you. So all you need to do is inform us immediately if you should change your mind after signing-up.

Why have I not gotten any match yet? 

While we are extremely passionate in serving you, we do match everyone manually. When we match, we want to be certain and that process can take time. But trust us, it will be worth it. Also, with our limited database currently, not everyone can be matched but we are definitely looking out for you. Once we find you a match, be rest assure that you will be contacted. 

Can I reject the profile if I am not interested? 

Yes you can, but don't hinder yourself from reaching your potential match. Get to know as many as people as you can to increase your chances. Because the worst that can happen is you get to have more friends! Also, looks should not be the sole reason you reject a character profile. Many people look different on photos and photos do not take into account charisma nor chemistry. 

Isn't this like matchmaking? 

A common mental barrier is the trending belief that matchmaking should be frowned upon. Having said that, no, this is not matchmaking as we don't involve the elders. We don't incorporate horoscope or any traditional entities. We are simply giving you the chance to get to know the other gender! You are ultimately free to choose who you want.