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Our Vision: 
To provide single Singapore Indians a reliable platform for dating with purpose that aims to end in marriage. 

About Us

Matchbox SGI is passionate about connecting and matching like-minded single Singapore Indians, who may not able to meet other singles due to social network limitations, work commitments, or maybe even due to the pandemic restrictions, which has left most of us strapped to our homes.


Founded just in 2020, Matchbox was started with the intention of helping singles get to know each other, date with a purpose and settle down in the long-run. Single Singapore Indians, who sign up with us, are serious about finding their soulmate and getting married. Through comprehensive profiling, we work alongside them in finding the one and we truly believe they can achieve their everlasting love. 

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Dating with purpose is essential if you want to find someone to create a healthy and meaningful relationship. It means making a concerted effort to find out if that person is compatible enough in terms of romance, getting along and a future together.


Matchbox advocates the “date with purpose” mindset to all singles, who are looking to settle down. We want to help you find your better half, whilst you are committed to finding that person. The effort you put in today will carve your dream life tomorrow. 

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