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Who We Are

Matchbox SGI is passionate about connecting and matching like-minded single Singapore Indians, who may not able to meet other singles due to social network limitations, work commitments, or maybe even due to the pandemic restrictions, which has left most of us strapped to our homes. 


Founded just in 2020, Matchbox was started with the intention of helping singles get to know each other, date with a purpose and settle down in the long-run. Single Singapore Indians, who sign up with us, are serious about finding their soulmate and getting married. Through comprehensive profiling, we work alongside them in finding the one and we truly believe they can achieve their everlasting love. 


Challenges Faced By Single Singapore Indians

Limited Social Network

With the social network they currently have, there may not be any singles that they can date or the single friends may already have been friend-zoned. As such, there is a need for networking to get to know new people that they can potentially date and get to know each other better at a romantic level.

Busy Worklife

Some of them just don't have the time to even think about dating, let alone getting to know somebody through the laborious task of online dating apps. Your work may be restricting your time that could be spent on dating and getting to know new people. 

Conservative Attitude

Many singles out there want to date but are shy and find dating a nerve-wrecking process. Eventually, they run away from the problem and are more hesitant to date as time passes by. 

Pandemic Woes

With COVID restrictions, mingling in social gatherings and getting to know new people is almost impossible now. Even though the restrictions are easing up, it's still difficult to meet such a narrow target group of people, i.e., single Singapore Indians.  


Why Trust Us?

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We value your confidentiality. Personal identifiers such as name and social media handles will not be revealed until you and your potential match are introduced to one another! 

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We personally follow-up with all Matchboxers even after they are successfully matched to guide them through this process. At the end of the day, we want to protect and empower your positivity, no matter what the outcome of the match is. Simply because, your happiness is our happiness.


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